Friday, February 26, 2010

My husband gets back tomorrow night. It's been a long week--but doable. I didn't do much, really, since Clayton was sick. He was going to head back to school today but the schools are closed due to the weather. No use in being grumpy about that. I've learned to go with the flow this week. (I always thought I was like that).

I had to get up early today because one of the dogs was standing over me whining. It was 5:30 or so. When Pete is here, he is the one that gets up with his dogs. He feeds them and walks them. Needless to say, they haven't been walked as much as they are when he is here. It seems like everything has fallen to the wayside except for the kids and what needs to be done with them. I was going to really tidy the house this week. Not done. I was going to exercise this week. Not done. I was going to shop (or just look) this week. Not done. But what I did do was much more important. I took care of my sick boy. He is feeling so much better once the antibiotics kicked in.

So, what will we do today and tomorrow? I have a mammogram this afternoon. And then I might swing by TJMaxx and look quickly. I saw a really cute purse there last week--if it's still there I think I'll get it. If it's not there, it wasn't meant to be. Saturday morning, the kids and I will go out for breakfast. After all, tomorrow is my birthday and I don't want to cook for myself! Clayton has been invited to a ice skating party but I'm not sure if he'll make it.

But for now, it's more coffee. Toodles.

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