Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I called the vet today and made an appointment for my cat. I need to have him checked out. He's blind, almost deaf, got a gimpy leg, and wakes me up every night somewhere around 1 am. He usually is meowing in a panicked way. Oh, and he's 18 years old, at least. It's hard to think about him being gone. But, is he happy now? He eats special cat food because he has kidney disease, too. I don't think I want another cat right away. I need a break and one less thing to take care of.

Work is still going OK but I'm ready for the new schedule. This wait is really bugging me. I need to arrange child care and it would be nice to have three days in a row so I can fly out easier.

Nothing much going on here. Winter seems to be flying by! Is it because I'm busy? Whatever it is, I'm glad because I can't stand winter!!! :)

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