Saturday, January 08, 2011

I have to work Saturday mornings at 5 am. It means I get up around 3:30 am. Way too early, I know, but it's not too bad once I get there. I find the airline industry is interesting. And while it may not be "like it used to," it's still a fun gig for now. The pay sucks, but I never took this job for that.

I took the job for two reasons: 1) to get out of the house twice or three times a week and 2) for the free travel. The free travel is standby and from what hear, can be stressful. I hope to fly to Arkansas next week to try it out. :)

The people I work with are nice enough and it's nice to be needed. The boss is another story and I probably won't talk much about him just in case the blog is stumbled upon by someone who could screw me over. I just hope to maintain a good attitude and to continue to work hard. I discovered that expectations of women are low (at least from my boss) anywhere from working outside to being able to back a truck into a garage. Yes, I have been told to "stand there and look pretty." I'm sure it was just a somewhat dated joke and one can only hope that men really don't think that way in this day and age. But, who's kidding whom?

Sexism is alive and well, still, in the USA. Never mind, the countries out there with the machismo culture. Yes, I do know we (women) in the U. S. have it much easier than some of our sisters in other countries. Perhaps, that is why I can stomach it to some extent.

In other news, we were planning a trip to NYC for next weekend for the SIL's 40th. Yes, precious is turning the big 4-0. But, they thought we would be traveling mid-month so they didn't reserve a large place so the 4 of us could attend. Yeah, I know. Pretty darn tacky. It's not like my husband comes from a large family. I'm trying not to be offended. I don't know why I'm even thrown by this. I guess if it happens, I'll be on my best behavior. :) If it doesn't happen, I will enjoy sleeping in on a Saturday morning since someone is covering for me.

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Auburn Kat said...

Let me know if you guys end up coming next wknd and maybe we can meet up if you have time.

Your boss sounds like quite the interesting person!

BTW, I'm blogging again! =)