Friday, February 25, 2011

My favorite day in Dubai

My favorite day was Sunday. We visited the souks, took a boat across Dubai Creek, went through the textile market, and I rode a camel (briefly). My first souk to see was the Gold Souk. There was shop after shop full of gold. There was 22k and 18k. Interestingly, the 18k gold is marketed to the Westerners and the 22k is marketed to the Indians. I didn't buy any gold but next time I will! They weigh it and you pay for it by the gram based on the price of gold that day. Also, there were the occasional vendor selling pashmina and silk scarves and the little bottles of sand that say "Dubai."

We kept wandering through the meandering path and came to the Spice Souk. Without a doubt, my favorite area. Saffron was so cheap! Next time, I'll stock up on saffron threads. The Spice Souk is also called the Iranian Souk because most, of not all, of the vendors are from Iran. The vendors were always interested in where we were from. I guess our looks and accents gave us away!

I bought several items from this nice man. He let me taste dates, pistachios and other things. I had already bought my saffron from another vendor. But next time, I'll look for his shop.

After shopping the souks, we took one of the boats across Dubai Creek. I think it cost the equivalent of 25 cents! It was a short ride to the other side. We then wandered around and found the textile market, the Historical area and had lunch.

to be continued...

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