Friday, February 04, 2011

Keeping my eye on the prize...

The more I work at the airport, the more I realize I'm a Feminist. I never saw myself as one, but when you work with so many men who think women are inferior, it brings the Feminist out. I've encountered so many instances that I've lost count. From "just stand there and look pretty," to men not believing something you say,
even when you can show them in writing it's the truth.

I started this job in October and I was trained by a certified trainer on the ramp. Yes, this person went to a class to become certified to train. There's just one problem-this trainer is a woman. My station manager would undermine her constantly. So, she went back to her normal station and he sent two men,
yes men, off to become certified trainers. I think people are going to find out that she was right the whole time and that she did a good job.

So, a while back I pointed out something to one of the old timers that a certain thing could be done. I showed it to him in writing and he still didn't believe me. Today, I asked one of the newly certified trainers about that certain thing and he reluctantly verified what I knew all along. At first, he wanted to discuss it at another time, but I got him to talk about it in front of several people. I couldn't help but gloat a bit. "I was right!" I exclaimed and proceeded to jump up and down. Now, I wonder just how long he was going to keep that little secret under his hat before he was going to tell me? It is so frustrating and I need to work on not letting it get under my skin. The culture is pervasive with this male chauvinistic thought.

OK--I do have to say the job has some fun and exciting aspects to it. For instance, today I was pulling the chocks from the nose gear and the pilot must have released his brakes before I was able to get the forward chock out. The plane had rolled on top of the chock enough that it was stuck. And I mean really stuck. I don't know if the marshaller told him the chocks were out when they weren't, or if the pilot was a little quick on the trigger. Anyway, it took a tug and a tow bar to get the plane off of the chocks. What we had to do was called a pushback. It may be two years before I see another one. Needless to say, it was a little funny. Yes, there is always something.

Anyway, the reason for the stupidity of a job that pays so little? Flying benefits. And I hope to use them next week. Hence, the title of this post...

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