Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday in Dubai...

The Burj al Arab

Saturday morning we walked on the beach and got some nice photos of the Burj al Arab. Saturday afternoon, we drove to the Jumeirah Palm. I got some more nice shots of the Burj alJumeirah palm is a man-made set of islands that look like a palm leaf from the air. We parked and walked around the Atlantis hotel. I imagine most of the people were like us, just there to walk around and not stay in the hotel. We stopped for some more photo ops.
Arab from across the sea. The

panoramic view of the Arabian Sea

sun setting over the Arabian Sea

The Palm Jumeirah is one of the few places that ex-pats can buy property. My friends aren't interested in buying. I wouldn't want to live on the palm either. It wasn't the most accessible But, alas, another interesting, if not over-the-top, attraction to see. place.


Auburn Kat said...

What an amazing trip!!! I wish that I had the money to travel around the world like you do! Maybe someday soon=) I'll live through you for now!

Kelly said...

Kat--remember, I get to fly (standby) for free. And I stayed with my friends, so there wasn't a lot of expense for me. But, I can highly recommend Dubai. I loved it!