Saturday, January 14, 2012

I flew to Arkansas last Wednesday to hang out with my sister for the day and then go see the Blue Man Group. We had a blast! I got first class out of Detroit (I love it when that happens).

We (the plane) were going to arrive about 30 min early to the airport but because of the fog, we had to go into a holding pattern. Once we landed, I waited for my sister to show up to pick me up. I think I waited about 10 minutes. The sun started to peak out from the clouds. It was only 10:30 am.

Once my sister and I got to her house, I put my back pack in the guest room and we started planning our day. She recommended we drive around Fayetteville in her 1963 MGB. So, off we went, with no seat belts (yikes) to Hugo's for lunch. Alan went separately and got us a table. After that, Kim and I drove to the office of an old friend of mine to say hi. Then we shopped a little. I bought some clearance chocolate at TJMaxx. Alan sent a text to Kim to say he got us two tickets to the Blue Man Group (not together, but it was all good), so we drove by the Walton Arts Center to pick them up. It was a sold out show but someone had just called in to give up their seats. Alan was working the show so it was lucky for us he was up there at the time!
We went back to Alan and Kim's house to freshen up and get ready for the show.

Oh my gosh! The Blue Man Group is so much fun. I wish we had been on the floor because that's where all the action is. But, the balcony seats were good and the show was awesome from up there, too. The show was 95 minutes with no intermission.

After the show, I had this surreal experience. Behind me was the theater where we had enjoyed the show and in front of us was a cargo train. The train goes through town and I can remember hearing it when I was a kid. It seemed like a throw back in time.

On Thursday, I decided to fly home on the 4 pm flight. It meant only two flights to get home but I would get home close to midnight. Kim was back at work so Alan and I went to the new museum in Bentonville that Alice Walton was instrumental in building. It's called Crystal Bridges and it houses American art. It's an impressive collection and it's free to the public. I can't wait to go back to it in the spring and take the kids and the husband.

So, it was a quick trip, but well worth it.

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