Monday, January 14, 2008

coffee, wine, chocolate cake, and Brazil

This is my old coffee maker that died on Sunday. Until Sunday, I thought it would last forever. Even if I had to put a cord around the basket so it wouldn't swing out and make coffee spill all over the counter.

This is the new one that arrived in the mail today. My sister and brother-in-law bought us one because they thought our coffeemaker was about to go kaput. Yes, timing is everything. My in laws were here for Christmas and ordered this coffeemaker right after their visit.

So, we blamed Chris for destroying the coffeemaker, but I think it's days were numbered anyway. At least, my in laws thought so. Here we are about to enjoy some nice, (and I do mean really nice), dessert wine with a really good chocolate cake. The recipe is an Ina Garten recipe and she doesn't scrimp on butter. Chris and Matt bought the wines for our meal on Saturday.

So, I hope the next time I see these guys is for Matt's wedding in Brazil in March. Yes, I did say Brazil. That is the plan for now. Chris and his wife are going and my dear husband has arranged for some research trip down there, so he's going. Now, should I go? For the most part, all we would have to do is cough up a plane ticket for me. I have tentatively arranged for neighbors/friends to look after the little ones. Decisions, decisions.


Auburn Kat said...

One word....GO!!!!!!!!!

Char said...

... and you're wondering if you should go?!?!? One plane ticket - that's all? I hope next time I pop by your blog there's a pic of you holding your plane ticket! c",)

Oh, and that coffee machine looks reallllllly spiffy! I'll bet you're drinking coffee till it comes out your ears now. Yummmm...

Cheryl Wray said...

Brazil??? WOW!!! That sounds wonderful!!

And I LOVE the look of that new coffee machine...and that yummy dessert wine. You'll have to tell me what kind it was. We love to try new wines!

Kelly said...

Kat--it looks like I am going.

Char--I am loving my new coffee maker

cheryl--the wine was Dobogo. Then on the label it said 'Tokaji Aszu'--an Hungarian wine.