Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where does the time go?

The kids have been in art camp this week. It's an afternoon camp from 1 to 4 pm. The first few days were spent running errands during that time. Today, I decided to come back home and do stuff around the house. It was really nice being in a quiet house, with the exception of the puppy sticking her nose in my rear end every time I turn around. In fairness to her, I was preparing a broccoli salad to go with dinner and I think she was trying to snag some food. But, after a while, it does get old. Anyway, time flies by.

The weather has been pretty crappy here, too. I really need some sunshine. It seems like it rains every day or every other day. One is not supposed to wear a long sleeve shirt in summer! And I'm so pasty white, it's embarrassing. Part of that is because I was on some medicine that makes me sensitive to sunlight and the fact that there hasn't been sunlight here.

Well, I need to do some packing. The kids and I are heading to DC to see an old high school friend and her kids this weekend. We always have a good time there. Pete will take care of the dogs and cat and hopefully build a tree house for the kiddos. He was going to go with us but is doing some sort of interview on the Penn State radio and won't get done until later on Friday afternoon. So, we're heading out without him.

And speaking of trips. Did I mention that I'm going to Paris in September? My sister and her husband rented an apartment for a few days and I'm staying with them for a bit. Yeehaw. I can't wait to do the touristy thing in Paris. I went with my in-laws once, and I hardly saw anything that a tourist would enjoy. My husband has been there several times and wouldn't let me go up the Eiffel Tower! So, my sister and I are planning on doing all that neat stuff. Heck, I might even wear white sneakers and talk really loud, too. :)


Blaez said...

omigod! i wanna go to paris!! one of these days, one of em i shall go too!!

i can't wait to see those pics :)

Beth said...

Paris is pure fabulousness and I know you will have a great time! Make a list of all the "touristy" stuff you want to do and then go for it! (Hint: The Eiffel Tower is kind of a pain because it's SO popular. Try to be in line in the morning early, before it opens. Otherwise you could wait two or three hours. Also- take the elevator up and then use the stairs going down.)

Anonymous said...

Make sure you do the Eiffel tower with Kim - I tried once, but I don't do heights - I burst into tears before the 1st Level - so I am afraid I won't be going up with you!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh my goodness...SO SO SO jealous of Paris!!! I know you will have an awesome time.

Have a great time in DC! Such a fun city!

Auburn Kat said...

Where the heck has the summer gone? The weather has just been absolutely AWFUL!