Monday, July 13, 2009

Pictures from Arts Fest

This past weekend was the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. The weather was nice for most of it. I took the kids down town on Kids' Day with a friend and her sons. Pete, the kids and I made it down Friday night to hear one of my favorite local bands, Ted McCloskey and the Hi-fis. There I was dragging the kids down there to hear an indie rock band. Sand sculpture

View of College Avenue in State College, Pa.
I bought a purse Sunday and the kids got some wooden toys. The best thing we saw all weekend was a booth with original fish rubbings. We didn't have a place in mind to put one, so we didn't buy one. This is definitely the most fun around here all year.


Blaez said...

that looks so much fun! now i wanna go to an art fest!

Beth said...

It sounds like a fun event.

The fish rubbings are strange-I'd never heard of the technique before. But they look amazing.

Also-the children are so cute...and so well armed.

Auburn Kat said...

Seriously, those kids of yours are just so darn cute!