Thursday, July 30, 2009

I had a great day today. Seems like I'm getting more organized in the house with the kids in art camp for half a day. Gosh, to think that in September, I'll have the house all to myself during the day. Lookout! I may paint the whole house before Christmas. Yeah, right.

Tomorrow, Clayton has his annual cardiology appointment to check the left pulmonary artery stenosis. I hope it's no worse (which means no intervention). Kendall will go to a friends for the morning because it would be very boring for her to wait around the doctor's office with us. The pediatric cardiologist always runs late. He is a very nice guy, however, so it's hard to be grumpy with him. I've been very lucky with my kids and doctors. For the most part, my kids are very cooperative when it comes to other adults in charge.

I better go to bed for now and get some rest. Tomorrow is my last afternoon of no kids. I keep thinking I will nap in the afternoon but I always find things to do.

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