Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Long weekend over...

The long weekend is over and life is back to normal. I always get a little discombobulated with a holiday weekend. It's a lot of time with the husband! But, this weekend, Pete spent a lot of time with the kids so I got out a couple of times by myself. That is always a treat even if it's only grocery shopping.

Saturday Pete took the kids sledding and I hung around the house. I've become quite the home body lately. Partly, I know it's the cold weather and maybe just my age.

Sunday we made it to church. After church, we had band practice. The practice went really well and the kids got to play with Stacey on the frozen pond. Truly, I wanted to stay home Sunday afternoon, but once I was there, it was fun. A lot of snow came down Sunday---the pretty, fluffy kind.

Yesterday was mostly a time to just hang out and tidy the house. Pete decided that Lilly needed her mouth looked at by the vet. You may remember about two weeks ago she met a porcupine. Turns out that a quill was lodged by her nose and was infected. We could see puss coming out of her gums in her mouth. Yuck! The vet put her out and took the quill out. Lilly was a little out of it last night.

Today I have the Play Group coming over. I decided to make soup for the moms and some chocolate mint brownies. I think this is one of my favorite desserts!

And don't forget today is a very important day! We will have a new president! There's no amount of money that could lure me into attending the festivities (too cold, too crowded) but I'll try to watch it on TV.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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Auburn Kat said...

OUCH! The poor dog! How awful that sounds!!

Glad to hear you had a nice wknd!