Friday, January 09, 2009

Woo hoo it's Friday (AKA a little this-n-that)

I saw this car today with the personal license plate "E2TOMBN". It took me a couple of seconds to figure it out. I thought it was so cute! Can you guess it? I'll give you a hint: think of a Romance language.

The other thing that came to mind today was you know how you feel when you get some really good news or find an old friend on Face book? That "I've-got-a-skip-in-my- step" feeling? I am having one of those days! I can hopefully tell you more later.

And one more thing. Did you ever see the episode of Cheers where every time Norm walked in everyone in the bar would say, "Norm!" Diane then says she would like that same greeting----to have everyone yell with delight when she walked into the bar. She said they can all have a try at it. She left the bar and came back inside. Just then everyone yelled, "Norm!" She replied, "That's better" and smiled. Nothing else was said. Here's my Diane moment. I want people to comment. I do have a few bloggers that comment, but for once, it would be neat to have a bunch of comments, even if it's anonymous and "hello".


Char said...

Ok I'm commenting! c",) Sending a huge, hearty "NORM!" your way. With a smooch or two on the side.

Kelly said...

Oh Char! You da best!

uncertain4sure said...

Is this or your other blog going to be about your Hep C treatment? If so, I'll link it to mine.

Auburn Kat said...

You are too cute!

I love that skip in my step feeling...I haven't had it for awhile but I think with my trip this week I will get it back!