Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Two steps forward, one step back...

Our Puppy is making progress. For the most part, she uses the outdoors for the restroom, she doesn't jump up all the time, and she is learning to leave the cat alone. I think out of all of us, the cat and I are the last two to make the adjustment to a puppy. Pete and Cody, the 11 year old lab, were first with the kids following after. But, the cat and I are a different story. Lilly just wants to play with Buddy (the cat). Buddy will have nothing to do with Lilly. However, I had to call my husband this morning to report a momentous event. I was brushing my teeth in our bathroom and both Lilly and Buddy came in. No hissing, no biting. And Lilly was actually touching Buddy with her nose and he was purring. Could it be? Are we going to be one big happy family? Buddy jumped up on the bathroom counter and Lilly continued smelling, you know where dogs like to smell, and Buddy just acted like it was no big deal. Wow! Progress! But then we do have some setbacks like:
Yes, that is a barbie hand. It took some getting used to when I would walk into a bedroom and find some random body part in the middle of the floor.
Lilly also chews on legs.

Don't be fooled. She would love to destroy your favorite toys, too.*

*this is Kendall's toy, not mine. :)


Auburn Kat said...

Look at that innocent face in the picture!!! HAHA

Kelly said...

yes, so innocent....NOT!