Saturday, January 24, 2009

Points for the husband

I never thought my husband would cancel a hunting trip. It is his passion and nothing is more important. I really felt that way until yesterday. He could tell I just wasn't at my best. I would have been fine for one day, but three with the kids was a little much. I was feeling tired and overwhelmed, but didn't want him to know it. I'm relieved things worked out the way they did. So, I now know that family is more important than hunting. At least this weekend...

Since we've changed our plans for the weekend, Pete invited some friends over for dinner tomorrow night. I love to entertain and cook. We will be making some things from the new cookbook, Back to Basics. Pete found a striped bass (we have the fish in the freezer) recipe for the main dish and I want to try out the apple tart for dessert. I'll take pictures.

As far as Saturday goes, Pete is out hunting right now and the kids are soaking up the cartoons this morning. I'm still in my PJ's and I baked a miniature carrot cake this morning with Kendall's baking pans. I had the ingredients and couldn't resist. I just need to make the cream cheese frosting next. I think later on I'll take the kids to Fun Unleashed so they can run around. I'll take my book, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and hopefully finish it. It is so entertaining!

Have a good Saturday!


Auburn Kat said...

I really did love the Shopaholic books!

That husband of yours is a keeper!

Cheryl Wray said...

Your meal sounds great. I love trying new recipes!

Gary is an avid hunter too. In fact, he and his Dad went on their "big" weekend hunting trip for the year this weekend and they are having a great time.

Pete sounds like a great guy!

Anonymous said...

what a great husband you have Kelly ! I hope you are doing well and your health is better now.
I love to read your articles on your blog, you have a writer talent !

Katrin said...

What a sweet husband! I hope your weekend did turn out nice. It must be fantastic to be able to take a weekend trip to NYC. I've never been there, it's my dream destination!!! Lucky you (although it didn't work out this time). Hugs.