Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Would you like grated parmesan on your soup?

Wow! It was cold today and tomorrow supposed to be colder. I think the high for Friday is 9F. It's so cold that the snow crunches underfoot. I never knew of that phenomenon until I lived in Wisconsin. It snowed in Northwest Arkansas, but it would melt after a couple of days. The other thing that I discovered in Wisconsin is that fresh cheese curds squeak against your teeth. Yep, pretty useless knowledge that I thought I would pass along. I mean, until Wisconsin, I thought cheese curds were just something in a nursery rhyme.

Today Clayton stayed at preschool for lunch and then for a little while after. This allowed for me to be a real adult and have lunch during the day with--steady yourself--another mom! Nicole and I went to the Olive Garden. My husband doesn't like chains so I go there when I get a chance. We had great conversation and it was nice not having to cut up some one's food or take a kid to the bathroom. I even ate my soup while it was hot. And Nicole doesn't like the Andes mints so I got hers. Bonus.

After lunch I bought some real snow boots. I will no longer have cold toes when I go sledding or shovel this wonderful white stuff. Yeah! I believe the literature said warm to -25 F. Let's hope I don't have to prove it! :) But, I am now ready for whatever Mother Nature sends down our way.

And one more thing. Did anyone catch Scrubs last night. It is back and on ABC. I just love that show and find it fairly accurate for hospital folk. We are an odd lot sometimes.


Auburn Kat said...

Glad to hear you got some new boots! I can't wait to wear mine. Have cold toes is awful!

You are right about the snow crunching, we definitely didn't have that in Arkansas!

Cheryl Wray said...

It is the coldest it has been here EVER (seriously, like it reached an historical low last night).It was 20 degrees as we headed to school this morning. For Alabama, that is frigid!!