Friday, February 27, 2009

Da da da da da da da da.....You say it's your birthday

People I share my birthday with:

February 27, 1981
Josh Groban, American Musician
February 27, 1980 Chelsea Clinton, daughter of President Clinton, 1993-2001
February 27, 1968 Loy Vaught, NBA forward for the Los Angeles Clippers
February 27, 1968 Mike Sullivan, Marshfield, NHL center for the Calgary Flames
February 27, 1968 Ron Cox, NFL linebacker for the Chicago Bears
February 27, 1968 Michael Vartan, French Actor
February 27, 1961 Grant Shaud, actor, Miles Silverburg-Murphy Brown
February 27, 1961 James Worthy, NBA forward, Los Angeles Lakers, 1988 Playoff MVP
February 27, 1951 Lee Atwater, Republican National Committee Chairman, 1989-91
February 27, 1943 Mary Frann, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Joanna-Newhart, Days of Our Live
February 27, 1941 Paddy Ashdown, British Politician
February 27, 1940 Howard Hesseman, Salem Or, actor, Dr. Johnny Fever-WKRP, Head of Class
February 27, 1934 Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, Unsafe at Any Speed
February 27, 1932 Elizabeth Taylor, born in London, actress, Cleopatra, violet eyes
February 27, 1930 Joanne Woodward, born in Thomasville, Georgia, actress, 3 Faces of Eve, Rachel
February 27, 1928 Ariel Sharon, Israeli Leader
February 27, 1902 John Steinbeck, born in Salinas, California, author, Grapes of Wrath-Nobel 1962
February 27, 1807 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, born in Portland, Maine, poet, Hiawatha
February 27, 1622 Rembrandt Carel Fabritius, Dutch painter
February 27, 274 Constantine I, Great Roman emperor, 306-337, adopted Christianity
My friend, Ronda. Happy Birthday!


Diane said...

You also share you birthday with Ian Beale - a character on Eastenders - an English soap. For his 40th he asked his wife to do a pole dance. Jamie announced "Oh good I love watching pole dancing!!" I was bit worried about what my 7 y.o has been watching - till he went on to describe pole vaulting. What a relief!! Have a good day.

Blaez said...

save me a cupcake! i'm on my way


Auburn Kat said...