Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gimpy cat

I took Buddy to the vet today. They x-ray'd, drew blood, and manipulated this leg around. Poor kitty. The vet thinks he jumped or something to injure his lateral ligament (something like that). She said he is a 13 year old cat and was acting like a 3 year old cat. That sounds about right. Anyway, just waiting on the blood work results so we can see how to treat him for the next few weeks to try to get the swelling down. For now, I'll carry him around some so he doesn't have to hop along.

And if that isn't enough. The other little man in my life (Clayton) had me up last night throwing up! Poor fella'! He had fever, too. So, today, no play group for us. I had even made cup cakes since the mom hosting play group and I share the same birthday (this Friday). Oh, I can't wait until summer when we are all healthy again!


Blaez said...

drake would never let me carry him around, gimpy leg or not. he hates to be picked up.

as for sickness... i'm sorry your little guy and your fam is sick. i'm working on getting better myself. i woke up this morning horrible and didn't go to work. ack!

Kelly said...

Blaez--I love the name Drake. Hope you start feeling better, too.

Auburn Kat said...

I can't wait for summer either!

My cat Jon had a little incident awhile ago where his whole leg was bandaged up...I would have to pick him up and put him in my bed at night and then take him off the bed in the morning. I love my kitties!

Hope he feels better!

Cheryl Wray said...

Poor kitty, and poor Clayton. I hope everyone is starting to feel better.