Friday, February 06, 2009

Lunch with a friend

Wednesday, I had lunch with the mom of a friend who I went to high school with 20+ years ago in Arkansas. She and I both ended up in the same area in Pennsylvania and every so often we have lunch. We went to Spats. It's a Cajun restaurant with some regular Southern dishes, too. She's always wanted to go, but her husband wasn't interested in going. It's always a delight as she shows up with a big smile and a great strong Southern accent! She's originally from Mississippi (I don't remember how she ended up in Arkansas---maybe for college) and still has this thick accent. I know it must have been really strong years ago because she is probably close to 70 now. I ask her how my friend is and she updates me. I hear about what's been going on with her and her health (she's always coming from a doctor's appt) and what big plans are next. She talks loud and has this contagious laugh that causes the reserved Northerners to turn their heads. It's great. I'm looking forward to our next "Ladies Lunch."

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Auburn Kat said...

That sounds like one of my friends from Arkansas with the big laugh. It took this Northerner by surprise at first! =)