Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My husband had the day off for Veteran's Day. It was nice to spend some time together since we've been really busy lately and he's been traveling some. His goal was to put the walls up on the tree house. This weekend, he'll put the roof on and add the door. I think the kids will really like playing up there.

I made cookies this weekend for my friends' tail gate. They were yummy. Butter, sugar...what's not to like? The reason we tail gated this weekend was my old friend who lives in DC came up with her family. We went to high school together in Arkansas. It's great getting together. But, we were playing Ohio State University at home. My friends had lived in Columbus, Ohio for four years and became Ohio State fans. We still had a great time even though Penn State lost. It had been a while since Pete and I had hung out with other adults without kids.

Here is my friend with her 5 month old Cavalier King Charles, Charlie. He was pretty cute even if his only purpose is to sit in your lap. He does have a funny habit of scooting his bottom across the floor. My husband wasn't impressed. But, my husband only has use for hunting dogs!

Oh and there was a lice scare at school today. I think it came from a birthday party from Saturday that my son was invited to. At the last minute because we had company this weekend, Clayton didn't go to the party. It turns out the kids who went to the party all got lice! They were sent home from school today. Ugh! I am so hoping my kids don't get lice.


Diane said...

You have to hope if one of them gets lice, it's Clayton - when Jamie had them, I just gave him a very short buzz cut, and could pick off any that were left. This wouldn't work quite so well for Kendall.
What is tailgating?

Kelly said...

Tailgating is when you park your car and set up an eating place. You stand around and drink and eat. People grill out, etc. There are camper vans all around, too. It's quite the scene.

I know. If one kids gets it, I hope it's Clayton. He's due for a haircut anyway.