Friday, November 20, 2009

What to do?

I'm trying to plan ahead and get ready for the holidays. This year we are staying home for Thanksgiving and having friends over for the big meal. But Christmas will be spent on the road. I'm so torn about this. My kids still believe in Santa but their cousins in New York City know there is not a Santa. Two years ago, my niece said to my kids, "Santa is your mama." I was sick. I remember saying to her (mind you, she was 3, almost 4, at the time), "I'm sorry Santa doesn't come to your house, but he comes to ours." Later, I did the Santa Tracking on the Internet and I hope filled her with doubt. So, there's the quandary. We will be in New York until Christmas day and then we will go up to Boston to see Pete's parents. My sister-in-law will have a tree (she will probably hire someone to decorate it, but still), so that seems like the perfect place for Santa to bring the presents since we won't get back until Dec. 27 to our house. I'm just hoping my kids will get to enjoy the magic for another year. Yesterday in the car my daughter asked me if Santa was real. I replied, "Gosh, I hope so." My son said, "Yes, he's real. You've seen him!" So, my 7 year old is questioning it but my 5 year old still believes.

I think I'll call my sister-in-law and tell her we will be doing Santa there. I hope she gets the message. Seriously, her son at age 5 was putting stuff in our stockings Christmas morning before my kids got up. I just don't want Christmas to be ruined for my kiddos.


Diane said...

Mine still believed until just a year ago - Jamie, at 8, is still not 100% sure - I think it is nice to let them believe for as long as possible.

Auburn Kat said...

I definitely think that you should talk to your sister-in-law about it. I would want my kids to believe in Santa as long as they could!

Blaez said...

i second Kat.