Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wow! The week flew by from the last time I posted!

Gosh! I'm getting so behind in my posting. We've been doing stuff around the house and then there's no time for important stuff like writing in my blog.

My husband is out of town again this week. He has traveled a ton this fall and I think that's one reason the house is never in shape. The kids destroy it faster than I can pick it up. Yes, they should be helping. I know.

I volunteered today at the free medical clinic. It was my second time to volunteer. So far, I've had good luck finding veins on the patients. The clients (that is what they are supposed to be referred as) have been great. Most of them look like anyone else-clean cut, well dressed, etc. The difference is they make too much money for Medicaid and they're too young for Medicare. Private insurance policies are way too expensive for the average person so there are a lot of people falling through the cracks. It's a shame it's that way right now. I don't understand how some people can be so cold-hearted when it comes to health care access. I know it will cost money to insure people but, hey, nobody seems to bat an eye at all the money the Pentagon spends. I guess it's OK to destroy lives rather than preserve and try to keep lives healthy. Oh, I digress. What I was going to say is the patients thank me and say how much they appreciate what we're doing there. It's almost uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love the pat on the back, but I'm getting something out of it, too. After all, both my kids are in school and I don't have permanent work yet, so really, what else should I be doing?
Just maybe I'm selfish and need the adult contact? It's only 3 hours a week and it goes by fast.

It seems the lice scare might be over at school. Knock on wood, I think we averted it for now. That's just what I need--to have to wash all the bedding, etc. I think that would just send me over the edge.

This Thursday is the last day for my bible study this semester. It's been hard keeping up with it with Pete gone so much, but I've enjoyed the time spent there and getting to know the ladies better in my small group. I think we will get together some more to make Christmas candy with a couple of the older ladies in our small group. Sounds like fun to me!

Did I mention that I've joined a Bunco group? They meet once a month and play Bunco. It's really an excuse to get together with a bunch of women and eat and talk. They have different themes depending on the host and this last time was "wear a fancy occasion dress." I stayed in the car until I was certain I was at the right house and I saw other women in long dresses! After a while, some of us changed into more comfortable attire. It's just not the same when you're not dancing and drinking.

So, that's a little of what's been going on around here. I'm running again and loving it. I ran for 25 minutes straight today and only had to stop to walk because there was a long hill at the end!

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Auburn Kat said...

This month has flown by! I can't believe that next week is already Thanksgiving!!!

Glad to hear things have been going good for you and that you are keeping busy!