Friday, January 22, 2010

I like Facebook

I love Facebook. I'm the sentimental type and have longed to get in touch with old friends as I've grown older. Maybe it's so I can remember the carefree days of my sheltered youth or just to see what everyone has become. There are joyful things I learn from my friends on Facebook and then there are some sad things.

For instance, today I learned that one of the toughest guys in my high school class just adopted a 12 year old boy from Haiti. He and his wife had been waiting for two years for this boy and because of the earthquake, they were able to expedite the visa. He and his wife have another boy from Haiti and a girl from China. They run a non-profit organization called The Titus Task.

I've also made "friends" with some bloggers. It's neat to see updates on their families and see pictures. The world is truly getting smaller.

But today I found out some sad news. There was a couple from my high school class who were married. I'm not sure how long they were married, but they had been best friends for 26 years. Karen (the wife) was battling a brain tumor and her husband, Doug, would post updates about her on his status. He even had a blog where we could read more about Karen's fight in depth. Doug's status today was about how she lost her battle this morning. I can't imagine how he feels. They have two teen aged children. My heart goes out to Doug and his children.

Yes, Facebook has made it so we can keep up with our friends across this globe. Be it through happy AND sad times.

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