Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Monday was going to be an industrious day for me. I needed to wash the comforter at the laundromat in one of the big washers. I was going grocery shopping during that part and then read my fantastic novel while it dried. I might have even exercised.

I did go by the Toyota dealership to show them how the volume knob on my radio doesn't work in cold weather. I was able to reproduce the problem and the car is still under warranty by 1400 miles so the radio will be free. It was looking to be a productive and good day.

The big washers were all full so I sat down to read for about 10 minutes. I then heard my beautiful new ring tone and thought, "I wonder who that is?" When I answered, all my plans went out the window. It was the school secretary and she was calling to let me know that my sweet daughter had lice. She had been itching for a few days but I had checked and did not see any. Now, I realize it helps if you know what you're looking for! I got off the phone and put the comforter back in the car. I knew I would be back with a big load of laundry later (my pipes to our washer were frozen).

I picked Kendall up after purchasing some Rid. We headed home and began doing all the stuff one has to do when one comes across nits. Yes, nits.

After washing her hair with the medicated shampoo, I had to put some gel in her hair and proceed to comb through her hair with a fine tooth comb. It took a long time and they were coming out. There were some screams (it hurts when you pull out a live one). We all survived this round but something tells me it is a long drawn-out process. I have to wash the bedding and clothes in hot water for a while and check Kendall's hair everyday for a few weeks to make sure I get every nit out. And, I'm retreating with the shampoo at least once, maybe twice.

I've never been a nitpicker before. I wish I still wasn't.


Diane said...

I was told that the shampoos don't always kill the nits, just the lice. And the nits take 7-10 days to hatch - so make sure you do it again at the end of that period, before the new ones start laying more eggs.

Kelly said...

I plan to do the treatment again on Saturday. And I might do one more time after that since her hair is so thick.

Char said...

Eeeeek! My head started itching just while reading this post! One comfort is - apparently nits (and lice) prefer clean hair to dirty hair.

Auburn Kat said...

Oh yuck! I can remember when I had lice and chasing my sister around picking on her that I was going to give it to her...

Sharon said...

Another thing that works great is Tea Tree Oil Conditioner... Just put it on, leave for a couple of minutes and then comb through. It seems to paralyse the lice... and coat the hair making it easier to comb them out... plus they don't like the Tea Tree... It's also MUCH easier to wash out when you're finished! :o)