Sunday, January 31, 2010


Our kitchen smells like grease right now. Or should I say, hot grease. My husband and kids had the bright idea of making homemade donuts after church today. I had mentioned that we would eat lunch at home and make it ourselves. I'm not sure how donuts entered in the equation. I made chicken salad with leftover chicken from Friday evening when I had roasted a rather yummy chicken.

My husband found all the ingredients in the house except for the oil. Yes, we had run out and had not made it to the store yet. After letting ourselves into our neighbor's house with a spare key (what are neighbors for?), we were able to complete the task. We used this recipe. Wow! It was very good and after we each had two or so donuts, we felt like taking a nap. Needless to say, the grown-ups in this house do not need dinner tonight.
Now I can't wait for my kids to have a sleepover so we can make these for breakfast!

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Auburn Kat said...

Sorry I haven't been around lately, I've just had absolutely no motivation to do anything but read.

BTW, you are completely right about the winters in NWA! I miss the weather there sooooo much!