Saturday, January 30, 2010

No snow here...

This last week seems like a blur now that I have time to write. I don't think I did anything outstanding. I did my regular gig at the volunteer medical clinic, Kendall went back to school after being out from her surgery, Pete traveled 3 days of the week and I volunteered in kindergarten on Friday morning. One thing new this week is the Women's Bible study started back up on Thursday. It is a 10 week study of David. The study guide was written by Beth Moore and it's entitled "A heart like His." I'm looking forward to it.

It has turned really cold here. We didn't get any snow with this front (fine with me), but Dang, it's chilly. There was some wind that came through the other day and knocked a tree over. We lost power for a couple of hours. That is one of the bad things about living in the woods. My parents got a ton of snow, however. I think they got 10 inches! The picture of the snow was sent to me by my dad. People always ask me if it snows in Arkansas. Yes, it does. The main difference between Northwest Arkansas and Pennsylvania is the length on the winters. In Northwest Arkansas the winter is only 3 months long! And the snow usually doesn't stick around too long.

Today the four of us went out to breakfast. There is a restaurant in State College that is a must for the visiting alumni when they are in town for a game. It's big with the locals, too. I think there are about 4 locations in town and on any given Saturday there will be a line out the door by 9:30 or 10. All these people are waiting for pancakes, waffles, eggs, coffee, orange juice and any other thing you can imagine for breakfast. One thing for sure, there is no shortage of whipped cream on the waffles and pancakes. The kids had hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and drank it all! Kendall had two chocolate chip pancakes and Clayton had a blueberry pancake. Pete and I ate like there's no tomorrow. The coffee's a little weak but it had good flavor. We may have to start our own little tradition for breakfast on the weekends.

Tonight, we went to our friends' house and had dinner. Our kids play with their daughter and we hardly see the children all night! We brought lamp chops that we got from one of our neighbors and cooked them on the grill. They were delicious--not too game-y (not sure how to spell that). Anyway, it ended up with a chocolate ganache cake I made. Maybe that's why I'm still wide awake right now. Anyway, it was a fun Saturday.

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