Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm so tired today. Last night was Bunco and I stayed up too late. And then this morning I volunteered and the free medical clinic. I'm looking forward to sleeping tonight.

I recently decided that I must go to Spain this year. Yep, Spain. You see, I took Spanish in high school and college, and I'm rapidly forgetting it. I need to refresh my memory. The part of Spain I want to visit is Seville, Grenada, and the southern part near there. I'm hoping to make this journey in early September. I need to get my sister or some friends to join me. Any takers? Pete will stay back with the kids. It needs to be early September because he is going to China towards the end of September for a conference. I even bought a Frommer's guide book today to start reading about that part of Spain. Anyway, if I don't start planning, I won't go for sure.

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