Monday, May 31, 2010

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend. It seems like it was the four of us for most of it. It's nice when we get to spend lots of time together. I had to get out for a little on my own Saturday evening just to get a breather. I went to Barnes and Noble to buy a guidebook for Barcelona. I'm getting so excited thinking about it. I'm even starting to try to think of words in Spanish. Yay!

But, back to the weekend.

Saturday was spent hiking with the family a bit up on Penn State's land near us. We headed over to a pond and Lilly was swimming and swimming. Pete and the kids were trying to catch gnutes--not sure how to spell this. Later on that day, we went out for an early dinner to Cozy Thai.

I was feeling a little sad at the first of the weekend because we are so far from family. Pete had plans to keep us busy by taking us over to a little farm to buy some veggie plants for our garden. Our good friends live near this farm so we decided to drop by and see them. One thing led to another, and we invited ourselves over for dinner. So after planning the menu for the evening, we headed to the grocery store and then to the wine store. They defrosted some steaks (part of the same cow we bought) and we supplied the sides. They threw in the lettuce since they had a lot in the garden. It turned out to be one tasty, fantastic meal. The kids swam in their pool while the adults sat by the pool and enjoyed a nice Rose from France. We had steaks, roasted rosemary potatoes, salad with blue cheese, toasted walnuts, sliced pear and raspberry vinaigrette. We had a nice Malbec from Argentina with the meal. There were also some grilled shrimp. For dessert, we had ice cream of various flavors and some sweetened, sliced strawberries.

After dinner, the kids played on the Wii. I tried my hand at boxing and tennis. We are supposed to get one for Christmas, but I may have to buy one before that.

This morning I went for a run. I ran for 36 minutes without stopping. It felt so good but afterward, I was so tired. We had gorgeous weather yesterday and today. We took advantage of it today and took the kids, with a neighbor and her kids, to a State Park just a few minutes from our house.

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