Sunday, May 16, 2010

We had a fun-filled, busy weekend. The weekend started out a little blah with us losing power. Friday night we took the kids and a friend of Kendall's to a 3D movie. It was "How to train your dragon." The special effects were good. The movie was just OK. I'm afraid I compare all animated movies to "Finding Nemo" so most come up flat. But, we got home a little after 9 pm and our house was dark. I guess there had been some high winds and some power lines were down. When we woke on Saturday, the power was still out. We got ready and headed out to the Waffle Shop for breakfast. We got there around 8 am so the wait was about 5 minutes. After stuffing our faces at breakfast, we headed out to Wal-mart to get a bike for Clayton. Both kids have new bikes now and I can't wait for them to learn to ride the bikes without training wheels.
Kendall then had soccer and in the evening we had friends over for dinner. We made Kir Royals for apertifs. I really love those!

Sunday we headed to church. And the sun was out today. It felt good to see the sun. Clayton had soccer this afternoon and then we went to the Pennsylania Military Museum. There were helecopters and some big vehicles on display. We stopped off for a while while the kids explored. Kendall had a friend with her.

We stuck around until the helicopters started to take off. It was very exciting. After this, we took Kendall's friend home. It was a lame play date for them! Ha! It was so nice to be outside.

After we got home we took the dog out for a walk at the Ag Progress Days land and the kids rode their bikes around out there. One has to take advantage of a day with sun in central PA. I hear rain is going to be back tomorrow. Sigh.

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Auburn Kat said...

I agree, you definitely have to take advantage when the sun is out!