Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My day

I got this beautiful card in the mail. It came from South Africa! It was sent from my blogger friend, Char. There is a nice message inside, too. The photo doesn't do it justice, but she also made a charm for my key chain. I love it! Thanks, Char!

It started out as a nice day and got better as the day went on. I met the mom of an old high school friend for lunch at Cozy Thai Bistro. It's nice to catch up. Her daughter will be coming for a visit right after Christmas, so I'm looking forward to that. I found out, though, that she and her husband ate at a restaurant for Thanksgiving. Ugh! I felt so bad to hear it. I knew I should have called her to see what she was doing that day! I (wrongly) assumed one of her daughters would be visiting her or she would be visiting them. You know what they say about 'assume'
don't you?

After lunch I went shopping at Kohl's. I bought a sweater for me (Merry Christmas to myself, I say) and found a cute dress for Kendall. I got a couple of things for my-gulp-great niece. She was born in August so she's just a young thing. Oh, and I did get something for Clayton earlier in the day. I'm doing fairly well with this 'getting ready for Christmas' thing.

I had a few minutes to kill before picking up the kids so I went to Walmart. I really want a 32" flat screen LCD TV. A girl can dream, can't she? I'm tired of the words and pictures being cut off of our curved screen. I only watch about 3 shows, but what the hey? They should be enjoyable!

And then I got home and had that great card! That is one thing I like about this time of year--getting all that mail!

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Char said...

I am so glad u liked it! Have a wonderful christmas, my far-flung friend!