Saturday, December 05, 2009

They're here....

Our friends arrived safe and sound last night. Pete got home about an hour later from the DC area. Ben and Emmy live in Taiwan and came to the states to see Ben's family for Thanksgiving. Their daughter, Florence, is the cutest little two year old. She has dark hair like her mommy and curls like her father's side. They said people stop them in the streets in Taipei because she is so cute. I believe it.

For dinner last night I cooked poached salmon (aka Nana's salmon), steamed rice and green beans. Ben was so impressed that I had a rice cooker. I guess they aren't common in the states for non-Asians and I had to remind him who I was married to. Yes, my husband and his family had lived in Taiwan when Pete was little. They love Asian cuisine and my mother-in-law used to be a really good cook. The salmon had lemon, rice vinegar, white wine and some olive oil on it along with some herbs and Dijon mustard. It turned out perfect! The juices were ladled over the white rice. The green beans were simple with a little squirt of lemon juice and salt. For dessert, I made the apple tart again. Ooh la la. Ben brought some very good red wine from Napa valley and we opened our Riesling brought back from New Zealand. We were saving it for such an occasion as this.

We're going out to eat tonight. Yay for baby sitters! Emmy wants Thai food and since she is 24 weeks pregnant with their second child, I figure we will indulge her!

As far as the plans for the day, we haven't figured anything out to do. We woke up to a steady snowfall so I doubt we'll be playing outside much. I doubt there will be enough to build a snowman.


Blaez said...

she is adorable!! and your kids are too :)

omigod your salmon is making me drool

Auburn Kat said...

Seriously, I want to come over for dinner!!!

I LOVE Thai food! YUM!