Monday, April 30, 2007

Trying my hand at making a strawberry tart

Whew! I'm exhausted and I really didn't do anything today. I did decide that today was the day to try out a new recipe. I was on my feet a lot this afternoon. The recipe is a strawberry tart. You know, the ones you see in your grocery store with the fruit on top of a yellow-y creamy filling. Yep, I started from scratch. The crust was easy. Just your flour, salt, butter, sugar, some egg yolks and mixing that all together. As easy as, well, pie. The filling is another story. The jury is still out on that one. I'm actually waiting to see if it will thicken to the right consistency. It's still too hot to see if I was successful. The topping will be the easiest part. I'm going to cut strawberries in half and place them down on the custard. I will then gently heat some jam on the stove and use that to make a glaze for the top. I'm anxious to see if it all works out.....

Here is the crust with the sides taken away. I love these little tart pans. It's not the prettiest crust, but, hey I'm still learning!

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