Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday morning.....

I woke today to the sound of the alarm. It had been set for 5 am but the dogs were there also whimpering and whining. I guess I would be hungry, too, if it had been 12 hours since I had last eaten. My husband got up (as his routine) and fed the dogs. I couldn't go back to sleep--I guess I got enough sleep last night. But, my rule is to try not to get out of bed before 7 am so I lay there and listened to the birds singing away. I love this time of year when I can sleep with the windows open. The chirping was soon muffled by this wonderful pitter-patter of rain landing on the leaves outside. The birds were still singing as to say they needed the moisture, too. This morning, I had to get up around 6:30 because the early bird of the kids was calling me. He, too, had slept all night and was well rested.

Early this morning he went out to walk on the wet deck.

Later this morning, I came down stairs to see that Clayton had dressed himself.

He was so proud of himself. I was proud, too.


NY KAT said...

Thanks for stopping by blog!

I have been to Hugo's! My realtor took us there when we first moved here. I love the atmosphere and the food.

Do you ever come back to visit NWA? I have to say that I really enjoy living here.

What part of central PA are you in?

Snowflakewny said...

This is the CUTEST picture. And BTW he did MUCH better than me - on thursday I got to work and realized my sweater was inside out and my skirt zipper was,um, down...this was two hours after I got there!