Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday night with friends...

We had our two regular families over for dinner on Saturday. A great time, but a little sad since one of the couples is moving on to another town this summer. I'm sure the husbands will still see each other (especially during hunting season).

Which brings me to our menu tonight. We had smoked wild turkey breast that my husband had soaked for 24 hours in a brine. This afternoon, he put the breasts in the smoker and then finished them on the gas grill. Great job, Pete! He got his spring gobbler last Saturday while he was hunting with Rich. And to hear my husband tell it, it was the best hunt ever (and they were done by 8 am). I can't even think of starting anything before 8 am, much less being finished and totally happy about it. We also had some margaritas since it was Cinco de Mayo! Rich also made a Mexican shrimp dish with the best ever rice. His recipes were from Rick Bayless. I was the dessert person and I made the fruit tart and the chocolate cake.

The kids played forever and it's amazing how much fun they had. And you know what that means. When the kids are playing and having fun, it means the adults can actually carry on conversations and enjoy their meals. Yep, good times were had by all.

Here are the husbands eating the turkey.

And here are the kids actually eating some turkey, too.

And the desserts tonight

And here are the kids and dads playing football. The kids were exhausted by the time the night was over.

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