Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Here are some things that we have done since we arrived:


NY KAT said...

I am SO JEALOUS! I've been wanting to go boating on Beaver Lake ever since I moved here but haven't been invited by anyone yet. I'm assuming you are at Beaver Lake in the pics.

It's funny that you are just a few miles away from me!

I saw a man driving a car on 540 w/ PA plates and I thought...maybe that's Kelly's husband!

Kelly said...

we were on Bull Shoals lake near Harrison. My brother's inlaws have a floating house (houseboat) on the lake. My sister and her husband bought a boat recently and they go out all the time. My sister lives in Harrison as well as my parents. We are planning to go this Saturday again.(too bad we don't know each other or you could come over to Bull Shoals).

We haven't made it to Fay,yet. We will be there 4 days next week! We'll be the ones in the maroon subaru wagon.

ps I saw my old friend, Cheryl Wray, commented on your blog. We were best friends in elementary school in Fayetteville.

Char said...

Wow you guys are having SO MUCH FUN! I'm being a real jelly tot right now. Man, what I wouldn't give for a getaway right about now. ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! You lucky bum.