Monday, June 18, 2007

Just call me Holly Homemaker...

OK, I guess that is what I do. But, not very well most days. So, today I mopped my kitchen floor and did the huge pile of laundry from vacation. And the kids got to finger paint! Wow! I'm giddy. And it gets better. This afternoon, we picked strawberries. We didn't last long--it's stinkin' hot here (I do love it, though) and the kids were thirsty. So, I paid my $3 and headed to our little local Post Office to pick up two weeks worth of mail. The little guy fell asleep and took about a two hour nap. Now, that makes it all worth it!!!

I did call the local hospital and, alas, they don't need me until July 5! I do miss the adult contact and using my brain.

The strawberries have been washed, cut and sprinkled with sugar. I can't wait to have a bowl of vanilla ice cream tonight with the berries on top. And God bless the migrant worker that does this kind of thing for a living (picking berries, etc). My back started hurting and the sweat was just rolling down my back this afternoon.

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NY KAT said...

Are you planning on going back to work?

Picking strawberries is hard work! I used to pick strawberries in the summer when I was growing up every once in awhile.

BTW, we went to Mary Maestri's in Tontitown for our Italian dinner...YUM