Friday, June 08, 2007

Things I like about coming home:

dry, hot, sunny days

Ozark Mountains

boating on the lakes

Fried....catfish, okra, frog legs (OK-I haven't eaten any frog legs this time, but my son loves them)

words like "hey", "buddy" and "y'all". (i.e one person says "hi" and the other replies "hey")

big, loud thunderstorms that leave as fast as they rolled in


really good pork barbecue

sweet tea

pinto beans and cornbread on the menu


NY KAT said...

You forgot the chicken!

When my dad and sister were visiting my sister made the comment "it's definitely southern cooking here". Back home if someone asks for sweet tea, they are directed towards the sugar packets on the table....actually no one there asks for sweet tea now that I think of it!

NY KAT said...

Oh and frog legs, yuck!

Kelly said...

If I rememeber, frog legs aren't really that great. Sort of like chicken...or is that snake? Ha ha. possum?

Char said...

Wow! Your "Coming Home" sounds pretty much like a really good holiday destination! Note to self: Must make a plan to get there one day.