Thursday, February 21, 2008

Busy Day

This morning we had a pileated woodpecker in our front yard! I love these birds. It was too far from the house so I didn't get a great picture.

I then headed off to my weekly women's bible study. We are doing a study entitled "Stepping Up". It is a study of the psalms of ascent. The writer is Beth Moore and if you ever get the chance to do one of her bible studies, it is well worth it. Women are near and dear to her heart and all I can say is that I'm so glad I have this to look forward to every Thursday. This woman definitely has the gift of teaching.

This afternoon, Kendall's school had an afternoon program celebrating International Mother Language Day. The coordinator of the program asked me to give a presentation on the South. It was an introduction to the South and very quick, but it was fun. I think they liked it. Another woman read a book called "Petite Rouge" in her Cajun accent. It was Little Red Riding Hood told from a Cajun perspective. Instead of a wolf, it was an alligator that tried to eat Little Red Riding Hood. And of course there was some Turkish dancing, a play in Chinese and a Spanish song, to name a few things.

So, it's near the end of the day, and whew!--I'm tired. And rumor has it that school will be closed tomorrow due to the weather. Oh boy.


Auburn Kat said...

I've thought about taking a bible study class. The issue would be finding the right teacher for me.

Remember when you were little and wished for snow days, the table has now turned.

Char said...

Wow, that all sounds like such a lot of fun!

I am fascinated with your snow snow snow over there! I've never seen snow before. I would probably spend all days building snowmen and making angels in the snow if it were to snow here. Then again, I guess I can understand why the novelty would wear off after a few days. Weeks. Months of it.