Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can't. Hold on. Any. Longer. Good-bye 39. You were good to me and you will be missed. All in all, I have to say the last year was a good one. I got to go to Arkansas (think Dorothy and there's no place like home) twice during the summer. Once in June for a conference and, again in July, for my niece's wedding. There were no major illnesses or traumas. The only exception was that my sister-in-law no longer wanted to be married to my brother (30+ years of marriage). I guess there is always something. But, anyway, a year--and a decade--that I truly enjoyed. The year was finished off with a trip to the Netherlands during Thanksgiving.

Looking back through the last decade of my life, I can say that even though I had some lows (going through a terrible divorce), I grew and figured out what really mattered. I found out that I can make it on my own if I have to, but that I was lucky enough to find true love. I became a mom and was blessed to have my mom around to help me those first few weeks after getting out of the hospital (twice). I went to Cancun and then to Brazil both times without children! Yes, a good decade, indeed.

Am I ready to be 40? As my dad said today, it's a good thing to be able to have the next birthday. And he should know. He has had a bunch.

So, goodbye 39, hello 40! Life is good. I am blessed.


Auburn Kat said...

What a great post! Here is to another 40 years!

Kelly said...

thanks, Kat!