Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday to me...

It wasn't extraordinary, but, all in all, a good day. It started out with my husband not remembering that today was IT and he forgot to say "Happy Birthday." That didn't bother me (much), but then he informed me that he wouldn't take Kendall to school today and that I would have to. Whaaaaaat? But, it's my birthday, I thought. So, I frantically ate my breakfast, made Clayton's lunch (I had already made plans for him to stay at preschool for lunch), made breakfast for the kids and then ran upstairs to put my face on. Then, Pete remembered and he decided he could take Kendall to school after all. Sigh of relief.

Clayton and I got ready and I took him to school. Check. I then drove to Kendall's school so I could volunteer in her class. Check. Her class sang Happy Birthday to me and Kendall could hardly contain herself she was so proud. It was nice. I then went to Tuesday Morning to get a frame and some thank you notes. Check. Then off to meet Clara Sue--mother of an old high school friend--who retired here a few years back. We were meeting for lunch. Check. She figured since she couldn't take her own daughter out for lunch on her 40th, she would take me. We went to the Cozy Thai Bistro. Yummy. It was a nice day. Clara Sue gave me the beautiful cup and saucer that you saw at the top of the page. I then picked up Clayton and headed to the doctor's office. Check. On Tuesday, I discovered an area on my right ear that just didn't look right. What better day to go to the doctors, right? Clayton was good as gold and I got referred to a dermatologist. I was informed that the dermatologist will tell me to wear sunscreen on my ears! (I tend to forget them and they have gotten burned so many times). That appointment won't be until March something. Check. Then I picked Kendall up from school and headed home to discover that our black lab, Cody, gave me a birthday *gift:

And a happy birthday to you, Beeee-aaatch. OK. I don't think she thought about it that way, but really, on my birthday?

*our outside garbage cans are full since the guys didn't pick up last week.


Char said...

Haha! Well, she had to get your attention one way or another. Haha. I mean - what's all this business about YOU getting all the attention on your birthday?

Katrin said...

But she is so cute!!! I wish I had a stand-in Mom to take me out to dinner. What a great idea. :)

Auburn Kat said...

Happy Bday (again)!

She is a cutie! I love the way they look after they have done something bad!