Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh, so cold.

This weekend we had snow. On Sunday, on our drive home after lunch, we experienced a white out. It was impossible to see beyond the car at some points. Pete was driving (actually driving) and I was a back-seat driver (in the front seat). And it has turned really cold here. I think it was 1 F this morning.

But before it turned too terribly cold, the kids did get to go outside and play in the snow for a bit.

I stayed inside. It was way too cold for me out there. :)

I worked today at the local hospital. At one point, walking through the halls, I recalled how much I love working. I think part of it is the people watching. Not watching the patients, but the people that work at the hospital from the office types to the nurses and doctors, etc. I just love watching people. I also love buying my lunch from the cafeteria. It's a nice break from what I eat every day I'm at home. Today, the head chef rang me up so I had to make some small talk, "Do you ever watch Top Chef on Bravo?" He said yes, that people always ask him if he saw this recipe or that on some show, so he tries to keep up with what is going on. I wondered if he ever got any ideas from those shows but I kept that to myself. Usually, the funky stuff he makes doesn't seem to sell too fast.

The other thing I like about working is feeling like I am actually helping someone. Sure, some are appreciative and some aren't, but it's good to get out and see that I don't have it so bad.

I don't know when we are going to warm up outside, but I do have to say the snow was really pretty this morning on my way into work. It reminded me of the meringue on a coconut cream pie. It looked stiff, but so pretty with the sun glistening off of it. It turned out it was so cold today that the snow "crunched" underfoot.


Auburn Kat said...

It is FREEZING outside! I love the snow crunching sound!

Char said...

Awwww, snow!
Now I'm jealous...
I've never seen proper snow before.