Saturday, February 16, 2008

February Birthday Dinner 2008

This year our annual February Birthday party was smaller and earlier in the month. We are minus a couple since they moved to Ithaca. So, Lou and Peggy came over with their daughter, Michaela. Lou is the February birthday from their family and I am the one from our family. I made my favorite meal: Beef bourguignon and salad with goat cheese. I usually make a yummy chocolate cake, but Lou and Peggy brought the dessert this year. We had an excellent muscat dessert wine from South Africa with our cake....yummy. Pete was asking me earlier what I wanted to do for my birthday. I'm hoping to go out to dinner. But, this year we will be going to Brazil, so that will do for a celebration. And, this birthday is a big one for me. I can't believe I will be (gasp) 40! People say, "you don't look 40!" but I secretly think they are just saying that to be nice. I just noticed today that all the Clairol rinse has all but disappeared! Yep, it's time to "wash that gray right out of my hair" again. And send it on its way.

That's it for now. I realize I am no longer young! Boo hoo. Isn't 40 middle age? Say it isn't so! This growing old gracefully will take some work.


Trish said...

Hey, and happy birthday to you! Mine is this week also, (I'll be 39.)

I'm gonna give myself a mini-makeover this week...I got some teeth whitening strips today...getting a haircut tomorrow, and I think I'll ditch my dorky glasses and get contacts!

Auburn Kat said...

What day is your birthday?

Btw, you really don't look 40! I'm not just saying that either!

Katrin said...

Happy Birthday! You shouldn't worry too much about your age (that's me speaking, who had a crisis when I turned 25). 40 menas nothing, it's just a number.
And about rinsing the grey hair out - my colleague has to do that and she is 27. Hair color means nothing! ;)

Kelly said...

Trish, Kat, Katrin--thanks! The actual date is Feb 27. We just had our dinner a little earlier this year. I hope to still get to go out on a real date with the hubby for my bday.