Sunday, February 24, 2008

Points for the husband

I could tell something was going to happen. I just had that feeling. First of all, Pete asked me for the email addresses of my play group moms. Then, the wife of a guy from Pete's lab came up to me at my Thursday bible study and said, "I hear you have a birthday coming up." Then Pete said that we would be having hamburgers on Saturday night. And finally, on Friday, Pete told me that he was trying to throw a surprise birthday party on Saturday night, but realized that he needed by help. I am not normally a tidy person, so I think he knew that unless he told me about it, I would not be cleaning on Saturday. Still, it was a nice thing.

Either Thursday or Friday I had noticed that something was different about my chest of drawers. I keep my jewelry box on top along with an 8x10 baby picture of me (along with some crap and dust). I just couldn't figure it out. On Saturday, we all went to the grocery store as a family. It wasn't a surprise that Pete had ordered me a cake at this point, but when I saw the cake, then I realized what was missing from the chest! Isn't that weird? I had stood there the other day and had a strange feeling someone had been messing with the top of the chest, but had not notice that the 8x10 picture was gone.

It says "40 years and still a Peach". I called my parents to tell them about it and my dad didn't quite hear the last word correctly. I could tell by his "whaaaat?" That he was thinking something else. My mom said I was always an easy baby, so I don't know why my dad thought he heard something else. Anyway, it was a nice gathering and I had to keep emphasizing that I wasn't 40 just yet. That momentous occasion will be this coming Wednesday. I will hang on to 39 until then, thank you very much! :)

Does this look like the face of a 40 year old? Of course not! Not until Wednesday!!!


Char said...

Aw, your hubby is a honey. What a cool surprise he organized for you.

And no, you don't look a day older than 30. FORTY?!?!? No way!

Auburn Kat said...

How sweet! He is definetly a keeper! I love the outfit you have on and you do NOT look 40!

Katrin said...

Delicious cake, and I must add to the others, no way do you look like forty or even 35. And you have a very cute haircut! :)

Thomas said...

I hope I look as good when I turn 5 years.

Kelly said...

Hey thanks everybody for making this middle-aged woman feel good! :)

Cheryl Wray said...

You look FABULOUS!!!! It's hard to believe we're at the big 4-0. (Although mine's not until August!)

Great job, Pete!!!