Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Fun?

My daughter's school got out at noon today for an in service. But, this morning her class was celebrating Dr. Seuss and she was supposed to dress as her favorite Dr. Seuss character. My heart sank when we arrived at her class and she turned to me and asked, "Where is my costume?" Your whaaaaat? What a lame mother I am sometimes. Poor girl. How was she so unlucky to get stuck with me, I thought. It had been an unusual week and I just forgot. I then called my mother and she suggested that I quickly go to Walmart and see if they have anything. I then decided to ask Clayton's preschool if they had something I could borrow, and they did! Hooray! It was a tiger costume and there is a tiger in "Ten apples up on top". I drove back to Kendall's school and put the costume on her. She didn't seem upset that I had forgotten but I think she was glad I had come back with a costume. My mom had suggested if I couldn't get a costume that I should go drink a cup of coffee and eat a donut. Ahhhhh, the voice of reason.

I mentioned that it was a half day for Kendall's school today. So, earlier in the week I had suggested to the kindergarten parents that we should go to Fun Unleashed. It is an indoor jungle gym. I think there were about 9 mom that showed up! It was pandemonium and I think we all enjoyed it. It was nice to get to know these moms a little better. The kids played and the moms sat around and talked. My kids and I were there 5 hours. Whew. I think I got my money's worth.

And of course, it is snowing tonight. It was really slick on the roads coming home, but we made it. Roll on spring.


Char said...

Your mom sounds like someone I would love! Coffee and donuts. Haha!

Auburn Kat said...

I love that too! Coffee and donuts!