Wednesday, February 27, 2008

People I share my birthday with...

1807 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow P o e t [ d. 1882 ]
1902 John Ernest
Steinbeck W r i t e r [ d. 1968 ]
1930 Joanne
Woodward A c t r e s s
1932 Elizabeth
Taylor A c t r e s s
1934 Ralph Nader
1940 Howard
Hesseman A c t o r
1954 Neil
Schon M u s i c a l A r t i s t
1960 Paul
Humphreys M u s i c a l A r t i s t
1972 Jeremy
Dean M u s i c a l A r t i s t
1981 Joshua Winslow
Groban M u s i c a l A r t i s t Josh Groban

Chelsea Clinton and my friend, Ronda. :)
Happy Birthday!!!


Char said...

Happy birthday you old fossil! haha! Just kidding. I hope you are spoiled rotten today! Wish I could have a fat wedge of cake with you.

Katrin said...

Happy, happy Birthday! Alles Gute!
:) Katrin